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Welcome To Razzano Vision Care

Founded in 2015, Razzano Vision Care has partnered with Target Optical to provide an eyecare experience like none other. Our mission is to provide comprehensive eyecare services that meet or exceed the unique needs of each individual patient. Our team of optometrists utilize advanced exam technology including digital refraction and retinal imaging to provide a thorough yet efficient exam experience. With four convenient locations, we look forward to helping you with all of your eye care needs!

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Eye Exams

Routine eye exams are a vital aspect of preventive eye care. Without routine eye exams, vision issues often go undetected since most eye disorders don't have clear symptoms.

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Lens Exams

If you’ve never worn contact lenses before, it can seem a bit intimidating. After all, you’re inserting something into your eye! Let’s ease your mind about the first step – your contact lens exam.

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Ocular Disease

Both optometrists and ophthalmologists treat many common types of ocular disease. However, for the best outcome, it’s important to see an eye doctor regularly. They can identify any issues before they become serious problems.

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Eye emergencies cover a range of incidents and conditions such as; trauma, cuts, scratches, foreign objects in the eye, burns, chemical exposure, photic retinopathy, and blunt injuries to the eye or eyelid.

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Dry Eye

While dry eye isn’t a serious condition, it can have a major impact on your quality of life. You may find your eyes get tired faster or you have difficulty reading. Not to mention the discomfort of a burning sensation or blurry vision. 

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